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Halloween 2020

This just in!

Estes Park Drive By Trick or Treat Event will be held at the Park School District High School/Middle School Parking lot from 5:30pm to 7:30pm Saturday, October 31st, 2020.  Entry to the event will be from Community Drive on the north side of campus.  Exit will be on to Brody Drive from the south side of campus.  There will be an EPH ambulance with lights on at the start of the distribution area as well as at the end to establish a starting and ending point.  Traffic Controllers will be required to wear masks as well as traffic vests for visibility and safety.

Participating "vendors" will distribute candy out of a vehicle.  (So more like a "trunk or treat" if you will).  All distributors will be required to wear appropriate PPE including mask and gloves.  Eyewear protection highly recommended.  All costumes must include a mask!!  PVC pipes and other distribution methods that encourage social distancing encouraged.  All vehicles will be separated by no less than 6 feet apart to ensure appropriate social distancing and lead by example during the event. Public safety encourages all distributors wear reflective vests as possible for safety.  

This will be a "drive by Trick or Treat" event with NO gathering of crowds.  All parents and Trick or Treaters will be required to remain in their vehicles and requested to wear masks during the drive through for candy distribution. 

Candy Donations

Thanks to everyone who has been accepting candy donations:

  • Safeway in Stanley Village
  • True Value Hardware in Stanley Village
  • Kind Coffee, 470 E Elkhorn Ave.
  • Simply Christmas, 129 W Elkhorn Ave.
  • Lonigans, 110 W Elkhorn Ave.
  • The Taffy Shop, 121 W Elkhorn Ave.
  • Chelitos, 145 E. Elkhorn Ave.
  • Phoenix Nest, 157 W Elkhorn Ave. #7
  • The Gold Mine, 230 W Elkhorn Ave.
  • Coffee On The Rocks, 510 Moraine Ave.
  • Wild Horse Gift Shop, 790 Moraine Ave.
  • Dollar General, 451 Stanley Ave at St. Vrain
  • Wild Horse Gift Shop, 790 Moraine Ave.
  • Country Market, 900 Moraine Ave.

We still have candy donations coming in. If you know who can use this candy, please let us know here.



Are we not having the downtown event?

Wouldn't you know it, after all we've done to make this possible, now nature has changed our schedule. Because the fire crews need to be able to access Hwy 36, we can't shut down Elkhorn Ave. to create the amazing experience we had planned. There won't be a formal event. We were going to distribute candy at the Red Cross shelters, but now kids are back home.

I heard there's something going on downtown?

Some business owners will be handing out candy just to provide something normal, but it's by locals for locals. Just good hearted people who want to provide a safe, healthy alternative for our kids. There could be fire traffic along this route, so if you do go downtown, stay on the sidewalks and be alert.

What about the mask contest?

We had elaborate plans to have a mask contest. Here's our Plan B. If you spot a great mask on Halloween, take a picture and post it to We'll still have the community vote on a winner. We already have prizes donated!

8x11 Halloween flyer
Trunk or Treat